who we are and what we do

One Body Collaboratives Is A Faith Based Nonprofit Organization
Helping To Mobilize And Coordinate Church & Faith Based Resources
To Rebuild Lives And Transform Communities


Need Help?

Are you in need of help? We would like to invite you to call us.


One Body Clearinghouse Needs Line:



We are open limited hours, but we return calls in the order they are received. Please leave us a message on our answering machine. We cannot take requests for assistance in person, on our office line or email.


One Body Clearinghouse Hours:

Monday - Friday: 9:00am to 1:00pm



Timothy Keller in ‘Ministries of Mercy’ Stated:

“Every Christian is to be a people-helper … Yet the church herself has almost completely conceded this work to secular agencies and authorities.”


We think it is time for that to change.  Our local churches and faith-based organizations are too often vast, yet greatly underutilized, resource pools in our communities.  One Body Collaboratives was formed to help them ‘get into the game’, and become central and  valued players in rebuilding lives they were meant to be.





bullet Looking at the whole person

bullet Our 14 Area of Life process includes effectively addressing: Identification, Housing, Relationships, Health, Mental Health, Addictions, Legal, Employment, Financial, Education, Transportation, Belongings, Recreation, and Spiritual



bullet Coordinating all available community resources, including church and faith based, governmental and traditional social service agencies


Technology Supported

bullet Our Web Based Toolsets Include:

Sub Bullet A Holistic and Collaborative Case Management System

Sub Bullet A Provider and Resource Inventory Database

Sub Bullet A Benefits Eligibility Identification and Application

Outcome Based

The above toolsets make it easy to document and report on outcomes, which represent life changing accomplishments

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