Baskets of Hope

Through the Baskets of Hope, our holiday food ministry, Love INC recorded the gift of 350 baskets of food to needy families last year. These families were served by over 18 different congregations. Both the donors and the recipients of the baskets were pleased with the results!

I am pleased to offer this opportunity again this year. With your commitment to provide a basket for a family during Christmas and Thanksgiving we can:

     - Get to know the receiving families and  invite them to church events during the holiday season.

     - Share our list with other food ministries to cut down on duplication.

     - Take names with confidence, because we know what each church, business or individual is able to give.

Our families are assigned for 2015, but you can still help provide for food for needy families! We provide vouchers to a local for verified needs.

Contact our office to find out how we help families during this season...