A Project of Transform Rockford, Managed by One Body Collaboratives

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The Compassionate Impacts Project is a project of Transform Rockford, managed by One Body Collaboratives.  It is a Fresh Approach to engaging and coordinating our vast church and faith resources to help solve community issues.  We have partnered with Transform Rockford to help families and children become stabilized and successful through coordination of church, faith and community resources to meet a wide variety of life needs. 

The ‘Compassionate Impacts’ Project will develop and support local all-inclusive collaborative networks, utilizing collaborative technologies, to help support the humanitarian efforts of local church, faith, non-profit, business, government, and community volunteers.  This will enable all community members to work seamlessly together to help fill existing service and resource gaps in our community, serving and being served together, helping each other to overcome challenges and barriers, to meet our respective personal and community goals, and to all lead a fulfilled and successful life.

The vision, or future state, for this program includes a diverse multi-entity collaborative network and web based platform to easily post needed goods and services for individuals, families, or the community.  These needs will in turn be identified and met by any participating church, center of faith, or community organization by providing the available assets and resources of their organization members and volunteers.

The project network will be utilized for the benefit of all, utilizing the assets and resources of all. This network will benefit individuals and families in distress, but also for students, entrepreneurs, service organizations, and businesses meeting needs for infants to elders, or community projects and events.

 Beneficiaries of the program will include all citizens of Rockford as the community becomes increasingly safe, healthy, educated, and prosperous. The program will invite all individuals and families regardless of faith, race, gender, economic status, or any other factor to participate.  Community members of all sectors will also be invited to have an active role in project planning and development.

Steering Committee Members include:
Bridge Ministries, Gary Schwerin
City of Rockford, Owen Carter
Goodwill, Courtney Geiger
Holmstrom & Kennedy, Aaron Brooks
One Body Collaboratives, Allan Barsema
One Body Collaboratives, Steve Kennedy
Rockford Chamber of Commerce, Einar Forsman
Rockford Health Coalition, Becky Cook Kendall
Rockford Ministerial Alliance, Pastor Joe Dixon
SwedishAmerican Foundation, Laura Wilkinson
Temple Beth-El, Rabbi Binah Wing
Transform Rockford, David Sidney  
United Way, Paul Logli
Winnebago County (Region 1 Planning), Marlana Dokken

For more information on this project, contact Mary Cacioppi at Mary.Cacioppi@OneBodyCollaboratives.org.